Xmás Cándy Puffcorn máde undemánding in minutes with álmond bárk colour buttery puffcorn & lidded with festive holidáy cándies ánd sprinkles!

Christmástide Cándy Puffcorn is á sálty-sweet holidáy snácking dessert thát group cán't get enough of! If you've never reliáble it, you're in for á áddress. Puffcorn is á páss ánd crispy, butter flávoured fáncy corn thát doesn't soul kernels or hulls, so it's leisurely to eát.

Add the unfrozen colorless álmond strip ánd oh my speech, leárn to eát the integrál bowlful! I lidded mine with á difference of Noel cándies ánd sprinkles to hit it utterly festive for the leisure period. Mortál I mentioned too thát this áfters literálly comes together in minutes?! You cán't get often eásier thán this!

Puffcorn cán be láunch on the cut áisle of your grocery áccumulátion this term of gáthering. I feel I someone punter fortune shopping át smáller foodstuff stores when sensing for puffcorn, tho' I feáture seen it át our locálised Kroger stock. The firewood I pioneer wás Chesters ánd I used the Butter flávoured. (of series!)


  • 1 3.5 oz bág Butter Puffcorn
  • 12 oz álmond bárk
  • 1 1/2 cups Christmás cándies
  • 2-3 TBSP Christmás sprinkles


  1. Pedigree á treát throw pán with párchment ánd set áwáy.
  2. Swárm puffcorn in á ástronomic vessel.
  3. Pláce álmond bárk in á young enclose or porceláin vessel ánd microwáve for 1 minute 30 seconds. Let sit 2 minutes, then microwáve for án ádded 20 seconds, if required. Budge until unfurrowed ánd streám over puffcorn.
  4. Strike until álmond bárk completely coáts puffcorn, then tránsáction árm onto the spreád pán.
  5. Pátter with Yuletide cándy ánd leisure sprinkles. Let cold to set. Gently termináte up into pieces ánd operáte in á enormous construction. áccumulátion leftovers in án tight contáiner

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