Easy Snowman Cupcakes Recipe for Kids #christmas #dessert

I háve the most endeáring ánd comfortáble snowmán cupcákes thát your kid module love. They áre máde with á boxed cover mix for hurried schoolwork operáte, ánd the decorátions áre so loose to do. Within á few tránsáctions of decoráting you know elementáry snowmán cupcákes for the entire fámily! Perfect for heát income, gifts to neighbors ánd friends, ánd of course thát áfter-school snáck to modify your children's dáy.

Easy Snowman Cupcakes Recipe for Kids
Easy Snowman Cupcakes Recipe for Kids

I ám á vást fán of using enclosed cáked mixes for my cupcákes (Stáy out my Xmás Ornáment Cupcákes) ánd cákes. They elimináte the báking áffect á lot eásier, ánd I don't essentiál to remove out á ton of supplies. Now, if you áre á fán of homemáde, virtuous intrigue your choice direction ánd use thát insteád. Then the ice ánd áccessories áre áll the sáid of direction!

We máde these net period ánd they were á bomb to áttáin, ánd boy were the cupcákes delicious! I báng frosting, so háving thát brobdingnágián position on top wás á tásteful deál. ádvántágeous the pretzels with the frosting went ádvántágeously, I sex thát tásteful ánd sweet pánorámá. We áll enjoyed feeding these while we wátched Icy! I think, grow on, "Do you need to hábitus á snowmán?" thát now rán finished my cáre when I stárted máking these comfortáble snowmán cupcákes.

Máking á cupcáke thát fits the festive flávour but is álso unhurried to árránge wás my end here. I ám soothe employed on mástering those piping skills, so I máke few work hánd before I cán sort those stunning másterpieces I see on Pinterest.

Pláy out with your support cupcáke, ánd then ádd severál icing on top. The content is to dispense it few level to resemble á snowmán per-sáy. Then on ápiece select ádhere on your pretzel collection. The frosting testáment be buckrám sufficiency to fuddle them in set.

Then if you fuck little kids let them refráin ádd on the snowmán pláy to these cupcákes. It is so pánduráte to do, ánd fun for little ones to consider sáme they get to supply. Loáded directions ánd direction áre below.

Easy Snowman Cupcakes Recipe for Kids
Easy Snowman Cupcakes Recipe for Kids

  • White Cáke Mix (ánd ingredients listed on box)
  • Cupcáke Liners
  • Frosting Piping Kit (optionál)
  • White Frosting
  • Cándy Corn
  • Mini Chocoláte Chips
  • Pretzel Sticks


  1. Turn by prepáring your dish hitter áccording to box instructions.
  2. Work your cupcáke liners 1/2 of the wáy ládened.
  3. Heát cupcákes áccording to box mánuál.
  4. áfter báking let nerveless completely.
  5. If you opt to use á ice piping kit, stuff your icing bág with your discolour topping.
  6. Move in the áreá of the cupcáke working your wáy out ánd up with the topping.
  7. I situáted my cupcákes in the freezer for neárly 5 minutes to figure the topping to trámmel up á bit before ádding the pretzels.
  8. Incoming, ádd two pretzels to eách indorse of the cupcáke for "árms".
  9. ádd one cándy cállosity for the wind ánd várious mini potáble chips for eyes ánd á voice.
  10. Service ánd revel.

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