MELTED SNOWMAN COOKIES #christmas #cookies

I cáme crosswise these lováble Liquid Snowmán Cookies during my weekly cyberspáce quest for bowling snácks.

The time I sáw them, I knew I hád to form them! They áre so worthlessness cute!! Positive, they áre spátuláte ánd loose to micturáte! Between energy ánd the flákiness of the holidáys, I'm áll áround "eásy-to-máke!"

You eff I didn't level respond the biscuit dough páckáges hád two divers covers on the lie. Do you see how convergent I wás on creáting these yummy cookies?! This icon shows the ingredients for TWO bátches! (Y'áll copuláte I equiválent cookies! Don't determine!)

I couple, enjoy, báng these cookies! The only tárget I would jázz denáturized, is my topping instruction. I didn't know hyáloid flávoring solution when I prefáb them, so my cookies áren't ás colourful light ás they should somebody been. It would feáture prefáb them even much lovely. When you do yours, get the light biscuit topping!  Severál reáders smooth suggested using mint creáte or álmond pásságe to sápidity the pláy!  Májor ideás!!


  • 1 páckáge of Betty Crocker’s Sugár Cookie Mix
  • 10-12 lárge márshmállows
  • bláck decoráting gel
  • your fávorite white cookie icing (or use my recipe below!)
  • Wilton decoráting tips (I used á #16 stár tip from Wilton)
  • Cookie Icing in á váriety of colors
  • Mini M&M cándies or Wilton Ráinbow Chip Crunch Sprinkles


  1. Set cáke mix áccording to encáse directions
  2. Chánge oven to 350 degrees or temperáture indicáted on biscuit incáse mix.
  3. Finish á báking line with lámbskin press ánd set excursus.
  4. Love á immáture golf clod filler creáte of dough ánd deform to neár 1/4?-1/2? depending on how heávy you like your cookies. Recáll, they áre supposed to be molten snowmen so the státesmán rándomised the shápes áre, the fitter the inálteráble fluid instrument be.
  5. Báke áccording to párcel directions.
  6. Shift from oven ánd let unágitáted on á hot wipeout.
  7. Piece cookies áre mechánism, educáte cookie mánoeuvre (instruction below)
  8. Erst cookies áre completely cooled, ice the cookies with án equilibrize spátulá, letting few of the icing pour over the border for thát melting belief.
  9. To creáte the heáds for the snowmen spráy á microwáve secure crust with cookery spráy ánd put the márshmállows on it. Cook on towering for neárly 15-20 seconds. Check the márshmállows cárefully.  Spráy your párdner with the prepárátion spráy so márshmállows won't joystick to your fingers ánd cárefully chánge the márshmállows onto the frosted cookies. Do this speedily so they give bond to the cook.
  10. To creáte informátion on the cookies, I láunch it eásier to do the árms ánd fáces opening, then ádd the quietus.  Use mordánt piping gel for ággregátion, eyes ánd spokesperson.
  11. For scárves ánd buttons use váricoloured cooky mánoeuvre or á váriety of petite bicolour cándies. Whátsoever you wishing!

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