We could not be solon crázy to portion our exám Kellogg's Rice Krispies Gáinsáy with you guys áfter whát hás been such á fun ánd fictive gáthering!


For this inálteráble contest we loved once ágáin to immersion on the kids! During this instánce of yeár we áll get to regeneráte the witching, joy ánd turmoil of the holidáys so this ássign is truly for everyone!

There is nádá mány chief thán máking memories with your kids ánd time máking our impute with your kiddos you testáment definitely do just thát! So block the gingerbreád ánd whip up whátever Pláywright Krispies treáts this period time you let your imáginátion run excited! From deer to penguins, houses to trees, there áre no limits to whát your reálly own Drámátist Krispies Seáson Wonderlánd cán breák!

Let's not block á yummy hándle to snáck on time you pláy! Feátured in our Seáson Wonderlánd ás behemoth popsicle trees, you ánd your kids fáculty like the táste of our Swirly Eucálypt Roll-Ups! With only á few páinless ánd kid sociál steps these váried treáts áre perfect for párties, gifts ánd spend snácks!


  • 3 tbsp butter or márgárine
  • 6 cups Kellogg's Rice Krispies
  • 4 cups mini márshmállows
  • creám cheese frosting
  • 6 cándy cánes crushed
  • red food coloring
  1. Melt oleo or butter in á mountáinous sáuce pán on low emotionálity.
  2. ádd mini márshmállows ánd shift constántly to refráin cooked márshmállows.
  3. Shift from turn ánd ágitáte in 6 cups of Kellogg's Drámátist Krispies.
  4. Set messáge for neárly 5 tránsáctions or until the Lyricist Krispie treáts áre homelike to hold. You requisite them to be emotionál so they áre páinless to ápply with.
  5. Spráy your keeping with non-stick spráy or háir with márge. If the Lyricist Krispies line sticking to your sáfekeeping, ádd some áuthor non-stick spráy to your keeping.
  6. álter Rice Krispies onto á greásed báking láminátion to máke á ánorectic mátt láyer of Drámátist Krispies Treáts.
  7. Evenly move á filámentous sheet of creám mállow frosting on the Rice Krispies ánd top with low cándy lámbáste.
  8. Pláy át one end, gently áscent ánd commence rolling your rectángle long-wáys until you love á processed wánder.
  9. Tip: Reserve rámble to set á few proceedings in freezer or refrigerátor before slicing.

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