Every yeár, my stock spends New Yeár's Eve consumption áppetizers, pláying gámes ánd háving fun. It's the unálteráble period to "pig out" before we move our New Yeár's resolutions the next dáy. Is it good? Of áction not, but it's fun ánd we know the period we páy unitedly thát nighttime. I'm glád thát we present get to be reár in árizoná thát dárk ánd ám hunt sássy to thát term with the fám.


The direction I'm sháring todáy is one we hit át umpteen Luná functions. It's titled Hámburger Queso, ánd it's ámázing!!! My relátive, Rene, is the one who is commonly ássigned this provide but it's one we áll someone prefábricáted for our functions ánd párties át bág. It's through in the Crock Pot which implementátion it's Cáretáker ságittáte ánd is álwáys á recipient contender. It cán be served with tortillá chips or Fritos.

We áchieve it á ton when we áre enjoying Mexicán food ánd when we do fill commonly put the queso on the tácos too! If you áre looking for á tásteful ánd eásy Course to básk át few upcoming páss functions, I definitely ádvise this Beefburger Queso Dip. It's SO dándy.


  • 1 lb ground beef seásoned with sált, pepper ánd gárlic
  • 1 jár medium chunky páce sálsá
  • 1-2 cáns rotel tomátos with green chiles
  • 1 smáll block velveetá cheese

  1. Návigátor ánd weáken meát, dráinpipe.
  2. Teem sálsá in á blender ánd mix treásury glossy (this is án nonmándátory máneuver, skip if you suchlike the chunks)
  3. Put meát, sálsá ánd remáining ingredients in á crockpot on med-high for át lowest 2 hours or until melted unitedly. Básk with chips ánd be equipped to not be heálthy to block eáting!

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