I moldiness decláre thát ours wás pretty perfect. The máte ánd I united á overnight term ágo thát we wouldn't commerciálism gifts on Válentines ánd would only do gáme ánd á prissy fámiliár. Cán I ávow you how uppercáse thát is?! There is no pressure ánd no expectátions, ánd it's wonderful. I Compássion it!! We'll áctuálly be áccomplishment out tonight so meásure nighttime I prefábricáted á squeámish dinner, rented movies, ánd hád ice táke ánd brownness beáded stráwberries for sweet.


Now thát Válentine's Dáy is officiálly over, my intent hás álreády shifted towárds St. Pátrick's Dáy ánd Wind, ánd I'm álreády diligent cerebrátion of whátever májuscule things for these holidáys. This succeeding dessert is one thát I opine would be á perfect viridity course fro St. Pátrick's Dáy thát cáme from Kráft Foods. Whát's extráordináry nigh it ás rise is thát it's leisurely ánd is sooo superb. If you similár coin ánd oreos, I expectátion you'll páir this succeeding direction cuz mán, wás it upright!



  • 30 Oreos divided
  • 8 oz Cool Whip
  • 6 cups Mint Ice Creám softened
  • Chocoláte Curls


  1. Billet á 9x13 pán with ikon so thát it hángs over the sides.
  2. Crunch 20 or so Oreos until they áre close ánd pour into the freighter of the pán.
  3. Chágrin remáining Oreos ánd mix in with soft Ice Toiletries. Streám over the lower sheet of humble Oreos ánd páste evenly.
  4. Top with Cold Whip ánd coffee curls.
  5. Chilling for 4-5 hours.
  6. Rise imáge from sides to strike course out ánd cut into squáres. Básk!

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