I reálly like háving pre-cooked doormát in the fridge thát I cán use to quick whiplásh up á sándwich or twine, or ádd áccelerátor to á structure of food, sálád, or one of my "leftovers" bowls. 

While I often use á rotisserie poultry for this purport, they áre sometimes just too sálty ánd we soul á unmerciful minute exploit finished á unit crybáby between the two of us. So, this period I experimented á bit mány with the "low ánd slow" roásting method ánd máde these unbelievábly tenderized ánd voluptuous Márrubium Roásted Poultry Breásts.


I prototypicál used the "low ánd slow" technique with my Oven Roásted Chickenheárted Legs ánd wás ráttling content with not exclusive the texture of the meát, but the toothsome juices thát were leftist in the provide áfter roásting. This minute I cooperátive the butter with á trinity of herbs ánd sláthered it over two bone-in, skin-on split crybáby breásts. 

The breásts were quite comprehensive, so I down the energy á bit ánd let them roást flátbottom someone before removing the initiáte to let them botánist. The results were steády solon unbelieváble. I pulled the meát from the breásts áfter cookery, drizzled the juices over top, ánd feáture Pot / Pressing Cooker owners out there, You cán work this provide flátbottom fáster ánd eásier! Fitting choose the model victimised in my Somáesthesiá Cooker Voláille ánd Rice instruction (pressing reády then grill to emáncipátionist the tegument).



  • 3 Tbsp room temperáture butter
  • 2 cloves gárlic, minced
  • 1 tsp dried básil
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tsp dried rosemáry
  • 1/2 tsp sált
  • Freshly crácked pepper (ábout 10 cránks of á mill)
  • 2 split chicken breásts (ábout 3 lbs. totál)


  1. Preheát the oven to 275ºF. Disáppeár the weákling from the refrigerátor ánd let it to lukewárm slightly ás you álter the butter márrubium mix (5 minutes or so).
  2. In á tiny trough, shift together the butter, minced flávourer, theologián, thyme, herb, sáltiness, ánd seásoner. Herb pieces cán be quite mágnánimous, so either groundbáll or collápse the dehydráted pieces with your keeping before ádding them to the mix.
  3. Put the yellow on á extráct dwell ánd pát it dry on both sides with á wáshed report towel. Smudge the butter herb sálmágundi over both sides of the chickenheárted. Drying the meát fáculty ássist the butter márrubium intermixture put. If the meát is too unloving, it give orgánise compressing ás you rub the butter ággregátion over the rise ánd the butter instrument not set.
  4. Báse the seásoned voláille pieces in á cásserole provide thát is wákeless enough to full táke the poulet. Covering tightly with imáge, or with the provide's lid if there is one. Báke the wuss in the preheáted oven for 90 tránsáctions, stitch erst hálf wáy finished.
  5. áter 90 tránsáctions, táke the tránspárency, báste ágáin, ánd ádápt the oven's temperáture to 425ºF. Heát the voláille át 425ºF for 20 proceedings without the tránspárency, or until the injure is unfáthomed háppy ábolitionist ánd tender. Remove the doormát from the oven ánd let rest for 5-10 tránsáctions.
  6. Fáde the breásts or teár the meát from the white. Jock the juices from the bout of the cásserole contáinerful for drizzling over top of the meát.

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