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16122014 knife node run_list add role fqdn-your-node-name rolewest_cluster The above will add server setup_cluster test_bucket recipes for execution in that order on the chef-client node. How to execute curl command in Chef recipe.

Cooking 5 Star Infrastructure With Chef

Each node must have a unique name within an organization.

Chef recipe fqdn. The bootstrapserver recipe does not support an SSL front-end configuration see chef. Ohai Command Line Tool. Nodefqdn end Step 2 Add ERB Template file.

Knife show node fqdn-your-node-name recipecouchbaseserver. 07022013 Add a recipe with a FQDN To add a recipe to a run-list using the fully qualified format enter. Knife node run_list add NODE_NAME recipeCOOKBOOKRECIPE_NAME.

26012017 node set_fqdn - FQDN to set. Here weve assigned a role west_cluster to nodes to form a west_cluster. Step 1 Add the template to the recipe.

This way you can add this to base role. Cd chef-repo knife configure client client-config sudo mkdir etcchef sudo cp -r chef-repoclient-config etcchef sudo chef-client Once the client is installed on the first host you can bootstrap the clients on the other hosts by using this command as described here. The asterisk character will be replaced with nodename.

Hostname is the resource. This allows recipes or resources that change system attributes like a recipe that adds a user to refer to those attributes later on during a Chef Infra Client run. Vipinlaptopchef-repo subl cookbooksCookbook Namerecipesdefaultrb template tmpmessage do source Testerb variables hi.

Chef defaults to the FQDN. 19052014 Node object is always available to you from within a recipe. This way you can add this to base role.

Default is http which tells the client to connect to httpserver4000. 20022013 Connect to Hosted Chef and configure workstation as a client. Chef Infra Client includes an ohai resource that allows you to reload the Ohai data on a node.

Attributes defaultmachine_fqdn nil defaultmachine_fqdn_as_hostname true Behavior. Bootstrap the other clients. Many are discovered automatically ohai Other objects in Chef can add Node attributes cookbooks rolesenvironments recipes attribute files.

See the ohai resource for complete usage information. 10082013 Chef supports a very powerfull search syntax which allows you for example to search all nodes with the graphite-server role and get their IP addresses. Set set_fqdn to the desired FQDN on the node and include recipewindows-hostname in its runlist.

Nodes are made up of attributes. Aliases compile_time fqdn hostname ipaddress and windows_reboot are the properties available to this resource. This cookbook aims to easily set an FQDN on machines where it is not properly set out of the box.

Nodeset_fqdn - FQDN to set. 29082018 Once happy we trigger a Chef run with run_chef and leave our Chef shell. And have node set its FQDN and hostname based on its chef node name which is provided on chef-client first runs command line.

A node running Windows. Name is the name given to the resource block. The asterisk character will be replaced with nodename.

Exit We can then verify that the file has had its permissions changed. Frankly the whole thing is a mess. This tutorial shows you how to search based on a role a node has or a recipe a node has.

If you want to set up your chef-server to use an SSL front-end set this to https and the URLs will be httpsserver. Action identifies which steps Chef Infra Client will take to bring the node into the desired state. If you use a more esoteric method to name your nodes that have nothing to do with your host information you can still query the clientrb located on your node which is how your node knows what to identify itself as to the Chef.

Chef recipes that refer to the FQDN attribute will error Ohai is unable to determine what the FQDN should be. Ls -al etcmotd -rw-r--r-- 1 kitchen root 286 Nov 19 2017 etcmotd. 27092017 If you have a standard around your node names such as using their hostname or fqdn as the node name then you can simply query for that.

Sets hostname and FQDN of a windows node.

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