168 Fgmm Recipe

Its a widely known accuracy node. 395 to 415 gr IMR 4064 LC Match Fed 210 Primer 168 gr.

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06112012 They all shot about 13 MOA with 168s through 300 yards about 12 MOA at 600 with 180s 190s and 200s and sub 34 MOA at 1000 with 190s and 200s.

168 fgmm recipe. For the 175 MK 418 grains of IMR 4064 All components same as above. As always work up loads carefully in your rifle with your components watching closely for. 06122016 The 168 SMK above left has a fairly conservative ogive and boat tail shape that make it easy to tune.

175 SMK over 435 Varget loaded to a hair over 281 has been lights out. Of r15 or 43 gr of IMR 4895 will match factory loads velocities Oehler 35 on the nose and produce exact POIs at 200 yards. Hornady 168 ELD box ammo can be used for long range shooting too.

Barrel and my sons Aero Precision AR-10 build 20. My initial goal here was to replicate the 168 Gr FGMM commercial round 434Gr in 308. The same lot number and charge weight of IMR4320 across different lots of 762 NATO M118 primed cases was used in my handloads for Sierra 190 HPMKs across four barrels in Garand M1s.

18122016 FGMM has been sleuthed on another site. Dots at 200 yards I seat them right at the rifling lands. Youll often encounter the 168 SMK loaded in Federals Gold Medal Ammunition.

I consider it one of the better options for 308 along with the above second from left to right 175 SMK 175 TMK 190 SMK and 185 TMK. 25052012 I read a gunblast review and the RFB supposedly did sub-moa with 168 FGMM Ironic because there was a post here saying their RFB hated that round which is impressive. I have done a lot of testing on this with 3 different Mil Spec Rem 700s.

Loads there should be a node at a lower density probably in the low 90s. Simply because my rifle will do close. 22122009 We tried to duplicate the Federal Gold Medal load using IMR-4064 but it never really worked out for us.

Start a little lower 10 than your previous load and check for pressure signs then work up from there. 22022015 Sierra 168 MK 435 IMR 4064 Fed 210m primer This is in the cases used for there ammo. My loads developed before I ever broke some down.

Start with the gold standard of 168 FGMM and its replication sweetheart load of 42gr Varget 280. 25032016 168 grain Sierra Matchkings 436 grains Varget 2790 fps. The 417 with the 175 matches pretty close to what was called out for the military MK316 load which there is a published government recipe for.

My 308 RPR hates ELD ammo. 07042019 These are the very first rounds Ive ever re-loaded. 24092011 2 Work up a load to match that with the Sierra 168 or Nosler 168 OTM bullets.

To 5 MOA with that cartridge. This is the standard for factory match ammo. Thats why I loaded 20 with that powder charge.

Little or no jump Solid half-minute loads It should go without saying but start low and work your way up. Use RL15 and Fed 210M primers. 4064 was determined to be the powder.

27092015 308 GMM 168175 gr clone load development. Of course I want to shoot 168 gr and he wants to shoot 175 gr so double the work here. 18022021 Use the Hornady 168s Varget very close to 4064 and the Fed.

I recently launched on a load development program to clone the Federal Gold Metal Match loads in 168 gr and 175 gr varieties for my PA-10 18. 28122012 I stated in a previous thread that Sierra once stated that 42 gr of R15 duplicates the 168 Fed Match. The lessor loads are mainly for observation of performance and safety.

I also saw most people in 15 handload range to 5moa groups. The Hodgdon website has load data to help you. These are going to be fired out of my 38 SA CMP SG RRAD 1964 rebuild with 1964 SA barrel.

20122020 I have broken down some older 168 FGMM. With the 168 SMK NCC or ELDM. Loads above will work like a champ at.

The newer lots are using 40ish grains of a different powder. I use these just for practice shooting 1. I am going to compare these bullets to my reloads because I have heard good things about this ammo and my Garand loads have a very high SD usually 35-45.

25072020 My current recipe for a 168 uses Varget and has a load density of 99. Then we loaded the stuff with 46 grains of Varget and seated the 168 grain Match King to an overall length of 2800. 410 to 430 gr Win 748 LC Match Fed 210 Primer308 Match Loads Effective out to 385 Meters 168 gr.

That FGMM used approximately 43gr of 4064 my loads are 43 to 432gr depending on brass. If you dont like close to max. Its been speculated to be AR-Comp but not verified as far as I know.

Ive tried exact and my reloads wont match the magic of FGMM. 09022006 I just purchase 100 rnds of FGMM 30-06 168 gr SMK. So we called Paavos Gunshop in Finland and had him send us a whack of Lapua brass.

417 for a 175 and 427 or 8 for the 168.

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